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Paid Surveys Etc Review

Thursday, November 20th, 2008 | Paid Survey Databases with 3 Comments

The fact is that making money online is hard. If you’re just starting out with online money making ideas I know it’s easy to get drawn into claims of instant riches, but this just isn’t realistic. Over 30% of all people on the internet have tried to make money online, but 98% of them fail! And instead of making money they typically lose money in the process.

Making money online with Paid Surveys Etc.

There are of course numerous ways to make money online, but most of them require some knowledge, a lot of persistence and usually some luck as well. I’m sure you’ve heard stories of people making great money with Adsense, affiliate marketing, PPC, blogging, through eBay and dozens of other ways. Sure you can do this too, but what if you don’t want to be bothered learning all that is required to make money in these ways. What if you don’t have the time to devote to these types of online businesses? Maybe you just need a straight forward and easy way to make some cash online.

I’m also sure you’ve already heard about paid surveys online. If you’re looking for ways to make money online it’s inevitable that you’ve come across paid surveys and maybe you’ve even tried taking a few. Well hopefully if you’ve been trying paid surveys already you’ve found a reputable site to use to get your surveys from.

While it’s true that some sites are not all that helpful, there are others that really do deliver what they say and that’s money from paid surveys. One of these top survey database sites is Paid Surveys Etc., in my opinion.

Once you register with Paid Surveys Etc. you’ll see why it has been one of the top survey database sites over the past few years. Thousands of people have been able to make money using their service and it is constantly updated with the newest information.

What makes Paid Surveys Etc. so much better than other survey database sites? Here are just some of the benefits you get as a member of Paid Surveys Etc:

  • Additional Money Making Bonuses
  • Personal Success Advisor
  • Website Very Easy to Navigate
  • Great Customer Service
  • Low Start Up Cost
  • 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

You’ll not only get access to the high paying surveys (which is more than worth the sign up fee), but you’ll also learn how to make money from driving your car, from shopping and to read your email. If that’s not enough you’ll also get advice on how to profit from informational products and affiliate sites online.

Sure it costs a little bit to join, but you will easily make that money back, probably within the first day. If you’ve been looking for ways to make money online then Paid Surveys Etc. could be the end of your search.

Make Money Taking Surveys Site Review

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008 | Paid Survey Databases with 8 Comments

Is Make Money Taking a Scam…?

Make Money Taking is one of the latest, and most popular survey websites out there. It was created by Lauren Mitchell and she promises to show you how to make money by taking surveys. Chances are you’ve already seen ads for it on the web or in your email as it is pretty heavily promoted.

While the paid survey industry has a bad name in many circles the truth is that there are legitimate companies out there paying well and regularly for their members to take part in market research studies. We just need to separate the good sites from the bad sites.

So is Make Money Taking a legitimate site or just another scam?

It’s my experience that there are few really good sources of paid survey information so I was interested to see what Make Money Taking Surveys had to offer.

What you’ll find after signing up is a list of around 200 companies that offer some sort of incentive to participate in their surveys.

Remember that Make Money Taking is not a market research company itself. They don’t provide you with the surveys, they simply have put together a comprehensive list of survey sites, similar to what I have done here at Paid Survey Success.

Actually they’ve gone a bit farther and you’ll find four sections in the site: Survey Database, Paid to Read emails, Paid to Shop, and Paid to Drive Your Car.

In my experience the paid surveys are the best chance you have to find a legitimate company and make some money, so you should stick with the survey database, at least in the beginning.

In looking through the list of survey companies at Make Money Taking Surveys you’ll find that they have all of the popular sites list as well as quite a few that you’ve never heard of and would likely never find on your own without dedicating many hours of research.

If you’re willing to put in the time to find all of the companies yourself, or if you’ve already done so, the Make Money Taking isn’t for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a quick way to get a large list of legitimate paying survey sites then the fee is definitely worth it.

So if you feel that you can benefit from this list of survey companies then you should check out

You can get 50% off the price right now by entering the discount code ‘discount50’ when you sign up for right now. So get your discount and sign up here.

Quick Cash From Email Surveys

Thursday, October 16th, 2008 | email surveys with 1 Comment

Armed with the following information you’ll be able to go out a start making money with email surveys. Email surveys are also known by many other names including paid surveys, free surveys and online surveys, but they are all pretty much the same thing. You register with a survey company and they deliver survey opportunities to your email. Hence the name email surveys.

When you first start with paid online surveys you may feel a bit cautious because of all the reports of survey scams, but you can relax. I think the reports are a bit over blown and most of the actual market research companies are legitimate. Yes, you get the occasional bad egg, but by sticking with established survey websites you can stay safe.

The thing you will want to watch out for when looking for places to get email surveys delivered to you is the sites that ask you to pay them for access to their list of online paid surveys. These sites don’t offer anything more than the free sites out there, they have just found that it’s easy to get people to pay for these lists because they can be difficult to find for free.

Once you do find a free site like the one at Paid Survey Success there’s no need for you to keep looking anyway, so save your money and use our proven list of survey sites.

To start you’ll want to sign up with as many sites as possible to start receiving email surveys. You want to get as many surveys into your inbox as you can because this will give you the luxury of choosing only the best paying surveys. I know that Opinion Surveys, Greenfield Online and IpSos are currently actively recruiting and they are all solid companies so those three are a good place to start. Then move onto my list of over 300 paid survey sites to keep building your own email survey list.

You shouldn’t expect a lot in the beginning as it will take time to register with all the paid survey sites and it will also take time to complete your profile with each. Once you do start receiving email surveys respond to as many as possible. The first month or two won’t see you making a lot of money, but it is a critical time for building trust with the market survey sites. Once you’ve gained their trust they will not only send you more surveys, but they will also send you the higher paying surveys and that’s where you want to be.

While you might not get rich from taking paid online surveys, you can add a nice chunk of cash to your monthly budget. Just remember to only use free online survey sites and have some patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is an online income, but if you keep working at email surveys you’ll be making money sooner than you think.

Greenfield Online Paid Surveys

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008 | Make Money With Paid Surveys with No Comments »

Yesterday I talked about Opinion Surveys which is part of the ThinkAction network of paid survey sites. I like these larger survey network sites because they pay on time, they offer loads more surveys and are in general very trustworthy. Today I want to talk about another one of the ThinkAction sites that will pay you to fill out surveys.

That site is Greenfield Online and they are one of the oldest online paid surveys sites. They have recently expanded their site and are actively looking for survey takers of all ages, genders, occupations and educations. The email I received from them stated “Please note that Greenfield Online is searching honest and active survey takers”, so it looks like now would be a good time to start making money taking surveys with them.

Greenfield Online works with major corporations and they take quality seriously. They work with over 300 market research agencies both online and offline so you know that this is a big legitimate survey site. If you register with them you can expect to receive many survey invitations and as they come to trust you as a survey taker you’ll see that they have some high paying survey opportunities as well.

Greenfield has really been expanding over the past year and they now offer Paypal as a payment option which makes them even more convenient than ever. They have also started a community paid survey portal where you can interact with other survey takers and get hints tips and advice about making money by filling out surveys. Plus, they offer special surveys in the Community area that are only available to Community members.

Greenfield Online offers paid surveys for cash, prizes and sweepstakes entries and you can also get free product samples in some cases. As far as rewards go Greenfield is one of the best and as far as paid surveys go they are also tops in the field. If you’re looking to get paid to fill out surveys then you need to be a member of the Greenfield Online panel.

Don’t just take my word though. Go ahead and join Greenfield now (it only takes a couple minutes) and see for yourself what they have to offer. You’ll probably be able to join and take your first paid survey right away and that’s a great way to start off getting paid for surveys.

Opinion Surveys $50,000 Survey Opportunity

Monday, October 13th, 2008 | Uncategorized with No Comments »

Opinion Surveys is a website that is part of the ThinkAction network of survey sites. They have been providing online surveys for over 10 years and pay out millions of dollars a year to their respondents. This isn’t some new paid survey scam, this is a respectable market research company.

Right now Opinion Surveys is actively looking for new survey takers and they are offering a chance to win $50,000 for doing a simple 3 minute survey. It could be the most profitable 3 minutes of your life!

Once you’re registered you’ll also receive further survey invitations that give you the chance to make money when you fill out surveys. As I’ve said before, you need to be registered with a lot of survey sites to make money with paid surveys and Opinion Surveys is a good one to add to your list of paid survey companies.

I know that finding good paid survey companies can be hard and that’s why I recommend you join with Opinion Surveys. They are one of the top survey sites around and always send out plenty of survey opportunities. Plus, I have never had an issue with them paying me when I fill out surveys for them.

If you’re looking to get paid for taking surveys then you couldn’t do better than joining any of the Think Action Network sites. Their surveys are quick and fun and it’s a good way to boost your income each month.

It only takes a couple minutes to join with them, plus you get entered for the $50,000 cash drawing. Who knows, it might be your lucky day! Join Opinion Surveys here.

Paid Market Survey Pros and Cons

Thursday, October 9th, 2008 | paid market survey with 1 Comment

The paid market survey business is doing quite well and why not. If you’re willing to invest some time into them, paid surveys can be a good cash generator for you. The key is that you do need to put time into them to benefit. I know that there are loads of ads out there claiming huge incomes with little to no work, but the truth is that to make good money with the paid market survey you need to be willing to invest some time. While taking the time to fill out a few surveys a week might bring you enough money to hit McDonald’s for lunch each day, you need to do much more to make a serious income with paid surveys.

There’s a very obvious reason that paid market surveys are so popular. It’s because they offer freedom from a cubicle and the chance to make it on your own. They provide you with the ability to make money on your own schedule without being tied to an 8-5 job. The paid market survey is especially good for students, homemakers and others with spare time who want to use that time profitably. The great thing for students and homemakers is that for these groups usually they aren’t looking for a full time income and paid surveys are a great way to have a part time job without leaving your home. You can easily create part time income with paid surveys and that’s where they really shine. While there are some who make a full time income from taking paid market surveys those people put a lot of time and effort into the work.

Another reason that paid surveys are so popular is that anyone can do them. They are quite basically just a series of questions, usually about some product or service, that are used by companies to get feedback about their products. This feedback helps them improve their products and develop advertising campaigns. While there are only a few dozen good market research survey companies out there, their services are used by hundreds of thousands of companies to do market research.

A paid market survey can pay anywhere from $1 up to $250. Well, $250 is the most I’ve ever been paid for taking a survey. They can take anywhere from a couple minutes to 2 hours to fill out the surveys and obviously the higher paying surveys generally take longer. Those in specialized fields like the medical field and IT will find specialized surveys that can pay very well indeed.

Many of the paid market survey companies will accept people from all over the world regardless of their gender, occupation or education. Age is a factor, but there are paid surveys available for those as young as 13. Typically the survey companies want you to fill out a profile before they allow you to fill out surveys for them and I recommend you do so completely. The more information the survey company has the better they can match you with the proper surveys.

While it would be nice if all the survey companies paid in cash this is not the case. Some companies do still pay cash, but others use points, gifts or prizes as incentives for taking their surveys. Each company has different payment rules so check each one separately. You’ll find that some even pay via Paypal these days which is very convenient.

Finally, when you begin your paid market survey career don’t be too picky about what surveys you take. The survey companies want to feel you out first and you’ll likely get some poor paying surveys, but the longer you stick with it the better the offers you’ll get. If they have a client that only needs 500 people for a $20 survey who do you think they will offer that survey to? Not the new panel members. They will send invitations to their more trusted members. Become one of those trusted members and you’ll be getting the highest paid market survey too.

Finding Free Online Paid Surveys

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008 | free online paid survey with 1 Comment

Free online paid surveys have been around for over a decade, but it seems like in the past several years they are becoming increasingly popular as a way to make some extra cash in your spare time. There is no investment required and no experience necessary to make money with paid surveys. And best of all, it actually does work.

No doubt you’ve seen the advertisements and promises being made of thousands of dollars a month from free paid surveys. Sounds great huh? Well as with anything else, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

That’s not to say that you can’t make money by taking paid surveys online because you definitely can. However, it is quite difficult to generate thousands of dollars month after month simply with paid surveys. I would say that a realistic goal of $500-1000 per month can be attained and fairly easily too if you’re willing to put in the time and effort. That’s as much as $12,000 a year and I know for most people that amount of money can make a serious impact on your finances.

Making money though online paid surveys is so easy because there are so many market research companies out there willing to pay you for your opinion. Some of these companies pay out tens of millions of dollars each year to their panelists. You see, finding out what people like and dislike is actually big business. The companies use the information to create advertisements and to improve products so they can sell more. Who would have thought that a free online paid survey can actually generate millions of dollars in revenue for some companies?

As a survey taker your problem is to weed through the hype and decide which companies are good and which are simply after your money. Here at Paid Survey Success I never ask you for any money so you know the information provided is legitimate. However some sites will try to convince you that you can’t get a list of survey companies any other way besides joining them. Or they make you think that they have access to “special” surveys not available anywhere else. The truth is that they have the same list of survey companies as anywhere else. Once you pay them you’ll see that there are no secret survey companies.

Sites like Paid Survey Success is a free online paid survey directory and we offer you our list of survey opportunities without any obligation. You can find other sites like this too by searching on Google and I’ll bet they have pretty much the same list of online paid survey companies as I have here.

Just remember that any site asking for your money is likely not adding any value to their list. A real paid survey site is free to join and the surveys are free to take. If the site is claiming insane monthly income besides realize that this is just a sales tactic to get you to join with them.

Like I said earlier, you can certainly make decent money with free online paid surveys, but watch out for outrageous claims. I’m glad you found me and hope that you have success making money with online paid surveys.

Free Online Paid Survey

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008 | Make Money With Paid Surveys with 5 Comments

There are so many different work at home opportunities on the web, but perhaps the most advertised are the free online paid survey. You will often come across ads proclaiming the free online survey is a way out of your job. Does anyone really believe these claims of full time incomes with no work involved? It’s claims like these that make most people dismiss paid surveys as just another fraud.

Well, you might be surprised to learn that you actually can make money online with paid surveys. Just don’t have huge expectations and dreams of retiring with your paid survey income. While there are scam sites out there, most of the actual survey sites are legit. The only scams you need to be on the lookout for are the sites that want you to pay them for access to their database of paid survey sites. While you might not get rich with free online paid surveys you can make several hundred a month which should be enough to make a difference in most people’s lifestyle.

I know we’re all impatient, but don’t expect amazing results right from the start. To make a satisfactory income from the free online survey you’ll need to do a bit of work first. You’ll want to find at least 10-15 legitimate paid survey sites, preferably ones with high payouts like…This will start the flow of surveys to your inbox and in time the flow of money as well.

Take care when browsing for online paid surveys and remember that no real paid survey site will ask you to pay them to register. That’s the biggest scam out there. True market research companies simply want your opinion, nothing more and they are willing to pay you quite well in some cases for that opinion.

I know there are lots of people out there that feel taken after they pay for access to a survey site. They think this membership will unleash a flood of survey offers into their email, but nothing could be further from the truth. I know, because I was once one of those people.

Survey directories will charge you simply to access their list of paid survey sites, the same list that you’ll see here at Paid Survey Success, for the most part. It may not be a complete scam because you do get something of value for your money, but with a bit of searching you can get the same information for free.

Directories charge just to give you a list of these market research companies saving you the time you would spend searching for them on your own. So, technically, they can’t be regarded as scam websites.

You can definitely make money with the free online paid survey, if this wasn’t true they would have disappeared long ago. The free online survey is one of the oldest money making opportunities around and it works if you have reasonable expectations and the patience to give it some time.

Get Paid Online for Taking Surveys

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008 | Online Survey Articles with 11 Comments

There’s no doubt that you can get paid online for taking surveys and many people are doing so. However, some people do get paid more than others for taking online surveys and that’s a fact. And there are many others who fail to make money online by taking online surveys. Here are several ways to maximize what you get paid online by taking paid surveys.

1. Automated form fillers like Roboform or even the Google forms filler can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to register with the survey websites and to fill out the initial forms when taking surveys. This leaves you more time to actually take the surveys and get paid online. The more surveys you can take, the more money you can make.

2. This should go without saying, but make sure you join as many survey websites as possible. Join every single survey site you can because you never know when a site might send out a high paying survey and if you want to maximize how much you get paid online taking surveys then you don’t want to miss a single one. Give yourself as many chances as possible to get paid online.

3. Set up a different email account specifically for your paid surveys. This will help you to organize yourself better and it will also help you focus on the surveys. When you go into that email account the only thing you’ll see is your survey invitations which reduces the likelihood that you’ll get distracted by something else. You’ll also find that once you sign up with enough paid survey websites you’ll be getting a lot of emails and it is helpful to keep those separate from your personal email.

4. Never turn down survey invitations if possible. The survey websites keep track of the invitations you respond to and by creating a user profile they are more likely to send you higher paying surveys they have available. This makes it even easier in the long run for you to get paid online.

5. Check your email regularly, at least once a day, but preferably even more often. Some surveys only need a set number of respondents and once that number is met the survey website will close the survey. Trust me, it really stinks when you miss out on a $50 survey because you forgot to check your email.

It’s really easy to get paid online with surveys. There are tons of survey sites and once you get the hang of it you’ll be finishing off surveys in no time flat. Another really great thing about this method to get paid online is that you control your earning potential. Want to make more? Just take more paid surveys.

Online Survey Money Rules

Friday, August 8th, 2008 | online survey with 6 Comments

When consider ways to make money online, online survey money is some of the easiest you can come across. Anyone just starting out online can easily get started with paid surveys and start making money right away. There’s no need for special programming skills or understanding of internet marketing like in so many other online money making ventures, all you need is an internet connection, an opinion and a desire to make more money from home.

If you’ve been looking for a quick and easy way to make money from home then you need to give online surveys for money a chance. You may not know it, but lots of people started their online careers with these types of paid surveys. It can be a way to supplement your current income or a way to get funds for more ambitious projects, either way you win with online survey money, because it is so darn easy.

In fact, the hardest part about making money online with surveys is actually finding the survey sites that pay. And I’ve taken care of that part by rounding them all up and putting them in one easy list that you can just browse through and use to sign up for over 300 survey websites. With a list like that you can get some online survey money without doing any of the research to find the survey companies.

A free list is definitely the way to go since you don’t want to have to spend your own money just for information that is freely available on the internet. It’s these paid services that have given the paid survey industry a bad name. The survey companies themselves all pay very well and why not, they are making their money from your answers and they want to keep you around. That’s why they are willing to pay you for surveys in the first place.

I have yet to find a quicker, easier or safer way to make money online than with paid surveys. It’s how I got started and I am so glad that I took the time to put together a list of paid survey sites and to register with them all. Having so many options meant that I could pick and choose my surveys or work a little bit more during times I needed more money.

It may not be glamorous, but I can tell you that online survey money spends the same as any other money you can make.